Affiliation and Our Network

In 2010, Danbury Hospital, New Milford Hospital and their Affiliates joined forces to create Western Connecticut Health Network. Affiliates include Western Connecticut Medical Group – a large, multi-specialty physician group; Western Connecticut Home Care which offers services to community members requiring help after hospitalization or to manage chronic disease and Corporate Health Care which offers occupational health services to businesses large and small throughout the region.  

In 2014, Western Connecticut Health Network expanded to include Norwalk Hospital and its Affiliates. What originally brought us together keeps us together today – similar histories and missions, strong community ties and a shared belief in the importance of not-for-profit health care. We are committed to quality care for the communities we serve and proudly call home. We understand the integral relationships between each local hospital and its community and leverage the breadth and depth of our Network to drive growth and sustainability.

Working together, we are navigating through a rather challenging environment – healthcare reform, unprecedented state budget cuts and increased competition. Our affiliation gives us strength and stability in a time of great change in healthcare. Combining resources allows us to collectively invest in new facilities, advanced technology and superior talent. We share best practices across the Network, allowing us to expand our capabilities while improving quality, patient outcomes and operational performance.

Our Network

Danbury Hospital

New Milford Hospital

Norwalk Hospital

Western Connecticut Medical Group

Western Connecticut Home Care