Lung Cancer Screening CT Program
Low-dose CT scanning is the most effective way to diagnose lung cancer in its early stages. A screening examination helps detect a disease before signs or symptoms. Recent research results suggest that a screening chest CT may enhance the early detection of lung cancer and improve survival.

A person who meets the following criteria is at risk of developing lung cancer and may benefit from this examination:

  • Is between 50-74 years of age, and
  • Has smoked at least 1 pack of cigarettes per day for 20 years, and
  • Currently smokes or has quit smoking for less than 15 years

The key to fighting lung cancer is early detection. This screening can help and is offered free of charge but you must have a referral from your primary care physician or pulmonologist to have this study.

For information call:

  • Danbury and New Milford Hospitals: 203-739-6906
  • Norwalk Hospital: 203-838-4886

Smoking Cessation Program
Smoking cessation program had available at both Danbury and Norwalk Hospitals.

  • Danbury Hospital’s Quit Now Smoking Cessation Program provides education and support to help you quit and support your long-term success. Several types of programs including group programs, individual counseling, corporate programs and support groups are available. Contact the Marianne Mitchell, APRN at the Pulmonary Department at 203-739-8328 for more information.
  • Norwalk Hospital: A free, six-week Smoking Cessation Program provides education and support throughout the quitting process. The program is provided twice a year. Patients participating in our lung cancer screening program may qualify for a free private smoking cessation program. Call 203-855-3563 for more information.