WCHN has established a Biorepository that will be housed at the Biomedical Research Institute. This biorepository will house patient specimens that will include tissue samples, fluids, patient-derived cell lines etc. The biorepository will be critical to our program as personalized medicine becomes a focus and clinical trials require access to patient specimens. The specimens in our biobank will impact opportunities for collaboration and research funding.  Institutionalizing the collection of quality biospecimens also benefits patients and attracts high quality research and top clinicians to WCHN.

We now have in place an IRB approved, HIPAA complaint protocol for biobanking and a lab-based framework to allow for the enrollment of patients, the collection, processing and storage of samples. These samples are linked with both clinical and genomic information and will allow for discovery of biomarkers, novel therapeutics and in vivo and in vitro testing of novel drugs and treatments.