Global Health Programs

The Global Health Program is designed to expose clinical staff, medical residents and allied health professionals to more diverse illness in more basic healthcare environments around the world. Medical students who work abroad come back with a level of skill and compassion that enables Western Connecticut Health Network to advance the quality of care we deliver to our community, both regionally and globally. Cultural competencies are more fully developed through this experience.

Western Connecticut Health Network in Uganda

Western Connecticut Health Network is proud to acknowledge our Global Health Initiative team led by Majid Sadigh, MD, an expert in global health, for providing much-needed medical care to East Africa’s Uganda and Zimbabwe. The Global Health Initiative plays an instrumental role in training the next generation of physicians to treat unusual infections and illnesses in the global health world. The Initiative provides an opportunity for our physicians, nurses and residents to practice medicine in settings that develop their instinctive skills, without the use of advanced technology and facilities.