Climb for a Cause - Mount Kilimanjaro

SadighA message from Dr. Majid Sadigh, Director of Global Health and the Christian J. Trefz Family Endowed Chair in Global Health at WCHN:

“As a physician, I strive to diminish the expanse between myself and those who suffer. Enduring pain and suffering helps me better understand and advocate for those in need. The last seven hours of the climb in particular induce all manner of suffering: difficulty breathing, extreme exhaustion, bitter subfreezing temperatures, gusting dusty winds, crushing bone, joint, and chest pain, cramps, severe headache, sore throat, and nausea. You fight to keep your balance. These forces battle with you to send you back down to the bottom of the mountain.

Reminding myself of the diversity and complexity of pain is one of my main motivations to periodically trek Kilimanjaro. Climbing the “Big K” takes you through climaxes of pain and self-awareness, ultimately shaping you into a more responsive and hopefully more humble person.

But the climb is not all suffering. Many moments are overtaken with admiration and appreciation of the beauty of this magical mountain. You are stunned by the sunrise on Mawenzi, the tip of Mount Mero puncturing the clouds that float thousands of meters below your eyes. You are graced by the astronomical numbers of stars revolving around you and the dance of sun rays on 22,000-year-old glaciers. You are humbled by lobelias, impatiens Kilimanjari, colobus monkeys, ravens flying over Uhuru, and moved by doting mountain redeye doves in love.

Thank YOU for making #climbforacause a success! We cannot wait to get started on the microbiology laboratory at St. Francis Naggalama Hospital in Uganda – something that would not have been possible without your support.”

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