6 Ways to Eat Well on Vacation

Vacation eating

Finally—you’re embarking on a long-awaited vacation! Travel gives you an opportunity to sample new cuisine along with new locales. These simple strategies will help you savor your trip—while still eating healthy.

1. Start Your Day Right.

That gigantic breakfast buffet may be tempting, but opt for a healthy breakfast, like high-fiber cereal with fruit and milk or oatmeal to give you sustained morning energy.

2. Watch Your Drink Calories.

It’s easy to go overboard with calorie-laden drinks, especially on vacation. Avoid sugary and alcoholic beverages and choose water whenever you can to stay hydrated.

3. Bring Snack Support.

Having healthy snacks on hand can keep you from getting too hungry. Unsalted almonds, apples, and whole wheat pretzels all make good traveling companions.

4. Pick More Produce.

The simplest way to eat better is to load at least half your plate with veggies and fruits. Be sure to ask about locally grown produce when you order out—you may discover a new favorite you can enjoy at home as well.

5. Make Good Choices.

Even while trying new restaurants, you can still eat healthy. Ask your server for suggestions for low-fat options or choose a baked, broiled, or grilled food with lots of veggies on the side. Ordering a half portion or splitting an entrée can keep your calories in check.

6. Splurge a Little.

Finally, be sure to allow yourself a few vacation indulgences. After a day of healthy choices, a small portion of a decadent dessert won’t derail your nutritious diet. Take time to savor your splurge, and you’ll be on your way to making plenty of happy—and healthy—memories.

Continue Healthy Habits at Home

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