Apps to Help with Managing Diabetes

DiabetesYou want to take charge of your diabetes, and you’ve decided to get help from a trusty sidekick: your smartphone. Hundreds of smartphone apps promise to help keep diabetes under better control. But can they deliver on those claims?

Depending on the app you use, it may help track your glucose levels, meals, medications, exercise, and weight. That’s a lot of information to keep up with. A good app can simplify the process.

Yet even the best diabetes apps have limitations. If you decide to try an app, use it to support—not replace—the expert, personalized advice you get from your diabetes care team.

AADE Diabetes Goal Tracker - (search for “diabetes goal tracker”). This app from the American Association of Diabetes Educators helps you set and track self-care goals. It focuses on seven key areas: eating healthy, being active, monitoring glucose levels, taking medicine, reducing risks, solving problems, and coping effectively.

Diabetes and Blood Glucose Tracker by MyNetDiary - (search for “diabetes apps”). This app lets you track glucose levels, carbs, medications, exercise, and more. It also has features designed to help you lose weight or eat a more nutritious diet.

Diabetes Tracker(search for “diabetes tracker”; by Mig Super; available for Android only). A study in the Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics ranked this app highest overall among 40 diabetes apps. It lets you track glucose levels, meals, blood pressure, and even expenses.

mySugr App A study in the Journal of Medical Internet Research singled out this app for its ability to help users follow a diabetes medication regimen. The app can track glucose readings, insulin use, carbs, and more. It includes fun challenges and helpful feedback to keep your motivation high.

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