Eat More to Weigh Less

Eat More to Weigh LessIf you’ve tried to lose weight before, you may have counted calories, watched your portions, or cut back on high-calorie, high-fat foods like sweets and chips. After all, if you eat less, you’ll lose weight, right?

While that can be true, you may be surprised to learn that eating more, not less, may be the key to shedding pounds—and keeping them off.

The idea is to eat more foods that are relatively large in volume yet low in calories. Vegetables in particular tend to contain few calories per serving, so eating more of them can help you feel full as you consume fewer calories overall—which adds up to weight loss.

So instead of trying to eat less, choose to eat more vegetables and other low-density foods. Give these tips a try:

Sip some soup. Broth-based soups, like chicken noodle, beef vegetable, and lentil, are warm and satisfying, yet are low in calories.

Double up. Get in the habit of taking two servings of veggies instead of one—just go easy on butter and other calorie-heavy toppings.

Snack smart. Instead of chips or pretzels, nosh on fresh veggies, such as baby carrots, sliced peppers, or broccoli, along with hummus or salsa.

Up the ante. Add vegetables to your usual dishes to make them more nutritious—and filling. Try spinach, tomatoes, and onion in scrambled eggs, or add steamed broccoli or snow peas to your usual pasta and marinara.

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