Berry Good! How Berries Boost Your Health

BerriesAlthough you can often find berries in your supermarket year-round, summertime is when they really shine. Be sure to add berries to your shopping cart so you can reap the benefits of these pint-sized nutritional powerhouses all season long.

What Berries Can Do for You

Berries are brimming with nutrients, including vitamin C, fiber, potassium, folate, and antioxidants. Whether you choose strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, or blackberries, research shows that munching on these superfoods can be a major boon for your health. Some of the potential benefits of regularly eating berries include:

  • Protection against certain types of cancer
  • Decreased blood pressure, lower LDL—or “bad”—cholesterol, and reduced risk for heart disease
  • Better brain health, including improved memory in older adults, protection against Alzheimer’s disease, and reduction of Parkinson’s disease symptoms

Have a Berry-Full Summer

To get the freshest berries, choose those that are firm, dry, and plump. When you get home, inspect your berries and throw away any that look damaged or rotten to avoid spoiling the others. Most berries are best stored in the produce drawer in your refrigerator. Don’t wash your berries ahead of time. Rinse them in cold water as you’re ready to eat them.

With such a bounty of berries, you can get lots of nutritional bang with each bite by adding berries to salads, sprinkling atop oatmeal, blending into smoothies, or baking into healthy muffins. Of course, snacking on berries straight from the fridge is perfectly delicious, too!

Eat Healthy, Be Healthy

That’s where WCHN Nutrition Centers come in: