Heart Procedure Postponed by Coronavirus? It’s Time to Think About Rescheduling

Heart Procedure After COVIDAt the height of the COVID-19 crisis, many elective heart procedures were put on hold. Elective simply means that a person’s condition was unlikely to get worse if the recommended procedure was postponed for a few months. This helped the person stay safely at home during the peak of the pandemic. And it helped hospitals devote more staff, equipment, and beds to COVID-19 patients.

Now that the peak has passed, however, elective procedures are being scheduled once again. If you had postponed a heart procedure, you probably have some questions. Here are answers to a few of the most common ones.

Should I Put Off My Procedure Even Longer?
While COVID-19 cases were rising, the decision about whether a heart procedure could be safely delayed was based on the urgency of a person’s condition and symptoms vs. the risk for exposure to coronavirus. That does not mean such procedures should be put off indefinitely. You don’t want to postpone treatment any longer than necessary.

Is It Safe to Go to My Doctor’s Office or the Hospital?
People with serious heart conditions may have an increased risk for severe illness if they become infected with COVID-19. So, it’s good to know the types of protective measures that hospitals and clinics are putting in place. For example, our team is:

  • Following the latest CDC guidelines for cleaning, disinfection, handwashing, and use of masks and other personal protective equipment
  • Taking steps to separate anyone who might have COVID-19 from other patients
  • Doing some health care visits by computer or phone

What Should I Expect When I Schedule My Procedure?
If your health care provider has recommended a heart procedure that was postponed, now is a good time to contact the office about rescheduling it. Due to the backlog of cases, there might be a longer wait than usual for a procedure date. The office will work to get you in as quickly as possible.

While you wait, don’t hesitate to speak up if you have concerns. Good communication with your provider is more important than ever now.

Don’t Put Your Health on Hold
Nuvance Health has safety protocols in place at all locations—whether your visit is for routine care or an elective surgical procedure. For more information visit nuvancehealth.org/safecare.