Overworking Can Affect Your Heart

OverworkedLong hours at the office may impress your boss, but they could also have another consequence—on your health. The more hours per week a person works, the greater his or her risk for cardiovascular disease, says a new study.

Researchers studied nearly 2,000 U.S. employees who held a job for at least 10 years. Each year, the study participants reported their work hours. They also reported any heart problems, such as high blood pressure, stroke, or a heart attack.

Long Workdays Raise Risk

People who clocked more than 46 hours per week had the greatest risk for cardiovascular disease, the study found. The results were published in the Journal of Environmental and Occupational Medicine.

In the study, the risk for cardiovascular disease increased as work hours went up. Compared with people who worked 45 hours per week, those who logged 55 hours had a 16 percent higher risk for heart problems.

Make Heart Health a Priority

Spending long hours at work can raise blood pressure, studies show. Over time, this can damage the heart and arteries, and cause cardiovascular disease. People who work a lot are also less likely to exercise.

Don’t let your job keep you from heart-healthy habits, such as physical activity. In addition, mind your stress levels. Stress is also a risk factor for cardiovascular disease.

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