6 Tips to Stay Motivated at Work

6 tips to stay motivated at work

You want to do a good job at work. But does it ever feel like outside influences—or even the stories you tell yourself—make doing your best difficult?

If so, it’s time to take charge of your work productivity. Here are a few strategies that, when consistently applied, can help you give it your all every day:

  1. Prioritize your day. “Time management” may sound so 2009, but going to your calendar and planning your workload in terms of importance—what efforts will do more for you or your organization—can help you make sure you tackle the big stuff first.
  2. Create meaning. Why is what you do important? Who benefits? Whether you work in an internal process or have direct impact on external customers, keep in mind how you fit into the larger picture. It can help you stay motivated.
  3. Take responsibility. Closely related to meaning, the sense of controlling your own destiny can help you stay motivated. If you’re feeling stuck, volunteer for a project or new assignment that lets you effect change or build something new. Opportunities for growth often offer great performance boosts.
  4. Ask for help. This is daunting for many. But if you’re faced with a project outside your knowledge base or are strapped for time, enlist the help of like-minded experts. It will probably help you turn out a better work product.
  5. Conserve energy. Athletes are famous for healthy rituals that enhance performance—but their secrets help work warriors, too. Seek out nutrition, sleep, exercise, and time off to help you perform day in, day out.
  6. Focus on long-term goals. To keep performance high, remember what you’re working toward for yourself and your organization. Concentrating on the endgame objective can help grow motivation when you’re in the grind.

Achieving Work-Life Balance
It’s not always easy to find the right work-life balance, but it is well worth it. When the day’s done, be sure to unplug from work. Your family and your health will thank you!