7 Surprising Perks of Quitting Smoking

quit smokingSmoking has a big impact on your health. In fact, it’s the leading cause of preventable death. Need more motivation to kick the habit? Here are seven practical reasons to become a quitter.

  1. You’ll age more gracefully. Facial wrinkles are a natural part of aging. But smoking makes them worse, causing “smoker face.” A study using computerized images showed that smoking not only causes premature wrinkling, it also creates deeper, denser wrinkles.
  2. You’ll have more money. At an average of $10 per pack, cigarettes add up. If you’re a pack-a-day smoker, you can probably think of better ways to spend roughly $3,650 per year. If you quit, you can also save money from reduced health and life insurance expenses and lower smoking-related health care costs.
  3. You’ll set an example for your children. Kids exposed to smoking at home are more likely to experiment with smoking.
  4. Your career is more apt to flourish. Smokers miss more days of work and are less likely to be on their game when they’re on the job. Compared with smokers, quitters and people who never smoked are more productive at work.
  5. You can stop and really smell the roses. Tobacco smoking impairs your ability to identify odors. But your sense of smell rebounds when you quit.
  6. Your clothes won’t stink. The smell of cigarette smoke lingers in clothes. But quitting can freshen up your wardrobe.
  7. Food will taste better. Smoking dampens your taste buds. But after quitting, they can recover quickly.


Kick the Habit

If you are a smoker, you probably know that now is the time to quit. And although kicking the habit can be challenging, it is very possible. The key is to have a plan—that’s where we can help! Our free, six-week Smoking Cessation Program offers education and support throughout your quitting process.

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