Change: Ready or Not, Here It Comes

Adapting to ChangeBig or small. Welcomed or not. Change is inevitable, and we’re now encountering even more of it as we learn to navigate the world with COVID-19.

If you tend to be a creature of habit, don’t despair. You can get better at adapting to, and even preparing for, changes in your life.

No Time Like the Present
Adapting to change isn’t just about having an optimistic outlook. It’s about preparation. Taking the right steps now can help you better adjust to the ebbs and flow of work life.

First, develop a routine that keeps day-to-day stress in check: Exercise regularly, eat well-balanced meals and snacks, and get enough sleep. With healthy habits in place, new challenges aren’t as likely to throw you for a loop.

Here are a few other ways to improve your daily well-being:

  • Each morning, write down the three main things you want to achieve. Use your list to decide what gets your time and attention throughout the day.
  • Make quick calls to friends and family during the day. Staying connected will remind you of what’s important and give you a boost when you feel overwhelmed.
  • Try deep breathing to ease anxiety and stress. Slowly breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Repeat up to 10 times, which takes about two to three minutes.

You’re in Control
When things shift, acknowledge the feelings that may result. But don’t allow them to become your focus. Instead, jot down your thoughts in a journal. A few days of writing may help you work through an upsetting experience.

Just as important, consider what’s next. It can be empowering to help solve problems that may arise for you, your friends, or family members. And speak up if you need help yourself. Getting and giving support allows everyone to move forward together.