Fend Off Overeating

Whether it’s game day on a Sunday afternoon or a family feast for the holidays, eating too much food can lead to weight gain and poorer health. Here are some simple strategies you can employ to help you eat better this holiday season:Overeating

  1. It’s OK to spoil your dinner. Eating before dinner may have been a no-no growing up, but eating a small snack between meals can help you avoid hunger. Being famished often leads to overeating. If you do choose to snack, make sure it’s a healthy option such as a piece of fruit.
  2. Pick healthy foods. At holiday feasts there is an abundance of tasty options. For the best choices, go for lean meats, such as turkey. Load up on vegetables and fruits. Limit butter and high-fat salad dressings and gravies.
  3. Stick to small portions. It’s easy to overeat when the table is full of delicious dishes. To curb temptation, make up individual plates in the kitchen and avoid serving dishes from the table.
  4. Savor each bite. Quickly clearing your plate can make you miss your body’s cue that you’re full. Enjoy conversation with your family and friends so that you’re talking more rather than eating more.
  5. Pass on alcoholic drinks. Alcohol won’t make you feel full, but it may lower your willpower to stop eating. And don’t forget, those drinks have calories, too.
  6. Get moving. To maintain a healthy weight you need to lead an active lifestyle. After large meals, make sure you don’t skip exercise that day. Or, find another activity you can do to stay active, such as a long walk or a family game of touch football.

It’s not always easy to eat right. Need some help? Click here for more content on healthy eating.