Live Your Best Life

Live Your Best LifeIs your mood-o-meter stuck on “bad?” The events of 2020 may play a part, but there’s plenty you can do to perk yourself up. As we head into the new year, find ways to change your life for the better.

Your Attitude Is Vital
A good portion of your well-being hinges on positive thoughts, behaviors, and goal-oriented activities. Being happier could be as simple as deciding to become happier.

People perceive emotions and events differently. One person’s irritation at waiting in a long line is another’s enjoyable chance to take a break from being on the go. How motivated you are to be happy also plays a big part.

But it’s not enough just to imagine or desire your own well-being. You have to make it happen. We humans are capable of pivotal changes, to choose the best quality of life and direction.

This takes commitment. You have to make a sustained effort, over time, to do those things that will help you live a better life. Partaking in a wide range of positive activities and building them into your days as habits are keys to success.

While you work to improve your life, it’s natural to compare yourself to others. But only you can say what well-being means to you—and what you need so that you can live your best life.

5 Steps to a Happier Life

  1. Think positively. Practice optimism and you’re more likely to experience more positive emotions.
  2. Make your health a priority. Get at least seven hours of sleep per night, exercise regularly, and eat a healthy diet.
  3. Express gratitude. Regularly consider the things you appreciate about your life and others. Send someone a thank-you note.
  4. Commit to important goals. Pick something that you think you can achieve and then make a plan for how to get there.
  5. Enjoy the simple things. Make a list and regularly engage in these interests, whether reading a book or gazing up at the stars.

Know When to Ask for Help
If you’re still so discontented that you wonder whether you’re downright depressed, it’s time to seek professional help. Schedule an in-person or virtual visit with your clinician—he or she can develop a plan to get you back to feeling like yourself.