New Year’s Resolutions That Work

If you’ve ever made New Year’s resolutions and failed to stick with them, you’re certainly not alone.

You may have been unsuccessful in the past because your resolutions were too broad; you lacked a specific plan; you failed to set goals that were important to you; or you didn’t believe you could actually reach your goals.

New Years ResolutionsKeep in mind the suggestions that follow as you form your goals for this year. These ideas can help you start small and build on your achievements step by step.

Make Them

The key to keeping resolutions is to make them realistic and attainable, as well as personally important to you. These tips can help:

  • Begin by assessing your lifestyle. Focus on areas you’d really like to change.
  • Focus on small changes you can realistically make. Don’t resolve to exercise seven days a week, for example.
  • Break major resolutions into small, specific steps.

Keep Them

Once you’ve settled on a few attainable resolutions, these strategies can help bolster your self-motivation:

  • Work on one resolution at a time. Trying to stick to more than that at once could overwhelm you.
  • Let friends and family know your goals, and ask for their support.
  • Consider joining a support group or working with a therapist.
  • Mark your calendar to evaluate your progress. Tweak your plan based on how things are going.
  • Finally, cut yourself some slack. Relapses are bound to occur. When they do, don’t give up. Get back to your plan.

If you’re making a health-related resolution this year, be sure to browse our online wellness content here for information on a variety of health and wellness topics. Together, we’ll stay on track in 2017.