Push Past a Weight-Loss Plateau

Weight loss plateauAfter six months of making steady improvements, weight loss often stalls. Some people may even start regaining the pounds they lost.

If you hit a weight-loss plateau, tell yourself that your progress is temporarily stalled, not permanently halted. There are things you can do to get past the plateau and keep moving forward!

Monitor Your Diet
The first step is understanding how you got to this point in the first place. Changes in metabolism and shifts in eating behaviors can both be culprits in weight-loss plateaus.

To lose weight, people generally need to overhaul their eating habits. At first, they may do a great job. As the months pass, however, they may become less consistent about following their eating plan. The backsliding may be so gradual that they’re not even aware of it. Yet it may still be enough to put the brakes on losing weight.

Pinpoint the Problem
Check your weight regularly. That way, you’ll have an accurate idea of how well you’re doing. If you start slipping back into old habits or if your weight begins creeping up, look for trends that point to a cause for the problem. Then brainstorm possible solutions.

For example, let’s say you’ve been skipping breakfast lately and then make poor food choices at lunch because you’re so hungry. You could stock up on healthy breakfast items and set the alarm earlier, so you have time to eat.

Move Forward
If the number on the scale still doesn’t budge, don’t give up. These tips can help get the number moving downward again:

  • Track your activity. People who lose weight and keep it off tend to be physically active for at least an hour on most days.
  • Try a new workout. The physical demands help get your body burning more calories again.
  • Seek out support. The encouragement of family and friends can help you get through this phase without losing your motivation.

Keep Things in Perspective
Remember, hitting a weight-loss plateau is quite common. Don’t be embarrassed to schedule a visit with your primary care provider and ask for help getting past this leg in your weight-loss journey.