Put Your Germ-Fighting Smarts to the Test

Hand Washing

Take this quiz to find out how savvy a germ fighter you are.

1.    To avoid infection, when should you wash your hands?

a.    Before eating or preparing food
b.    After touching a sick person
c.    After using the bathroom
d.    All the above

2.    For how long should you wash your hands to kill germs?

a.   At least 20 seconds
b.   10 to 12 seconds
c.    Five to seven seconds
d.    One to three seconds

3.    Alcohol-based gel sanitizers can also kill germs. How should they be used?

a.    Apply them, then rub your hands until the gel dries 
b.    Get your hands wet, then apply the gel
c.    Apply the gel, then rinse it off
d.    Any of the above

4.    If you have a cold or flu, which of these steps can best help stop the spread of germs?

a.    Coughing or sneezing into a handkerchief
b.    Covering your mouth and nose with your hand
c.    Coughing or sneezing into a tissue and then throwing it away
d.    All the above


1.    D—ALL THE ABOVE. Also wash your hands after touching animals, animal waste, and trash. 
2.     A—AT LEAST 20 SECONDS. Washing your hands while singing the “happy birthday” song twice takes about 20 seconds. Use soap and water.
4.    C—COUGHING OR SNEEZING INTO A TISSUE AND THEN THROWING IT AWAY. Wash your hands after coughing, sneezing, or blowing your nose. 

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