5 Ways to Spice Up Your Exercise Routine

You already know that exercise is good for your body, mind, and spirit—but what happens when you start feeling bored with the whole thing? If your workout routine feels a bit too routine, here are five ways to breathe new life into it.

Exercising1.      Step up your walking game.

So you walk regularly, but you’re tired of it. Try a new route that takes you through a different neighborhood or a park you enjoy visiting. You could also try mini-intervals. Walk as fast as you can for a minute, and then slow back down to your regular pace. When you catch your breath, walk fast again.

2.      Challenge both your body and mind.

Yoga is a mind-body practice that can be adapted for nearly anyone, including those with physical limitations or disabilities. Look for classes with names like “gentle yoga,” “senior yoga,” or “beginner’s yoga” to find ones that may be a good fit.

3.      Make your home sparkle and shine.

Household chores like dusting, mopping, and vacuuming all count as physical activity—and the more you do, the better your home looks! Don’t forget about outdoor work like gardening or sweeping your porch, too.

4.      Add something new to the mix.

Look for a class or activity that you’ve never tried before. Does your gym offer water aerobics? Or what about trying tai chi? Ask your friends what they enjoy and don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone.

5.      Bond with a buddy.

Ask a neighbor if he or she would like to walk regularly. Planning to carpool to the gym with a pal is another way to stay motivated. You can socialize while you exercise—a win-win for both of you!

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