Weight Loss Surgery

You’ve probably heard of bariatric—or weight-loss—surgery. Bariatric surgery is an operation designed to treat adults with severe obesity.

YogaYou may be a candidate for bariatric surgery if you have a body mass index (BMI) of 40 or higher, or a BMI of more than 35 with a serious health issue such as type 2 diabetes or heart disease.

If you’ve wondered whether bariatric surgery may be right for you, here’s what you need to know.

Understanding Bariatric Surgery

There are several types of bariatric surgery available today. Each method is designed to help you eat less so you lose weight. Working with your doctor, you can determine which one will work best for you. This may depend on your BMI, health conditions, and whether you’ve had any stomach surgeries before.

With bariatric surgery, the best results occur when you’re committed to healthy eating and making physical activity a part of your everyday life. 

Talk with Your Doctor

When you meet with your doctor, bring a list of questions with you. These are a great place to start:

  • What are the risks and benefits of surgery?
  • What are some changes I’ll need to make after the surgery? You may need to chew your food very well, decrease the size of your meals, and take extra vitamins and minerals.
  • Are there foods I won’t be able to eat after surgery?
  • What will happen if I occasionally eat too much?

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