3 Ways to Socially Distance This Summer

Social Distancing During the SummerSpending a day at the beach. Going camping. Exercising outside. Some summer traditions involve little risk of spreading COVID-19.

Others—such as travel and group meals—pose more danger. That’s especially true if you or those you’re celebrating with are at high risk due to older age or underlying health conditions.

While there’s no way to make every occasion risk-free, it’s important to understand your options. To stay safer this season, consider these swaps for typical summer activities.

Instead of: Flying to see relatives
Try: Postponing your tripor driving

Depending on infection rates at your home and destination, you might consider waiting to visit. If you do make the trip, know that security lines and airport terminals can put you in close contact with others. While driving, only ride with people from your household and be cautious when stopping for food, gas, or bathroom breaks.

Instead of: Serving up a summer buffet
Try: Personal portions of favorite foods

Health experts don’t believe COVID-19 spreads through food. Still, sharing serving utensils can contaminate surfaces. Plus, lingering over the egg salad or grilled chicken means you’re prone to stand close to others. Consider having one person dish out food and ask others to stay out of the kitchen.

Instead of: Hugging and handshaking
Try: Waving and speaking warm greetings

Togetherness may feel a bit different this summer—at least, until COVID-19 is better contained. Instead of gestures that involve physical contact, offer excited hellos in ways that keep some space between you and those who don’t live in your household.

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