The Trick to Healthy Treats for Halloween

HalloweenMore than 60 percent of Americans celebrate Halloween. Tricks for making it a safer, healthier holiday can benefit your children and those who come to your door.

Keep Them Safe

  • Feed your children a meal or snack before they head out. This will help keep them from munching on the treats they collect as they go door-to-door. Tell your children it’s important that you inspect their goodies at home before they pop anything into their mouths.
  • Discard all homemade candy or baked goods when your kids get home. Parents of toddlers should remove choking hazards such as gum, peanuts, hard candies, and the like.
  • Inspect commercially wrapped treats for indications of tampering. Look for an unusual appearance or discoloration, tiny pinholes, or tears in wrappers.
  • Read ingredient labels with extra care if your child has food allergies.

Keep Them Healthy

Some treats are healthier than others. To focus on those:

  • Opt for chocolate. Research has determined dark chocolate in particular is a rich source of antioxidants that has been linked to a reduced risk for heart disease and some cancers.
  • Read labels with an eye toward lower fat, calories, sugar, sodium, and trans fat totals.
  • Consider alternatives to candy. Choices to consider include single servings of breakfast cereal, fruit rolls, mini boxes of raisins, microwave popcorn, string cheese, pretzels, peanuts, trail mix, juice boxes, ginger snaps, graham crackers, crackers and cheese, vanilla wafers, or animal crackers.

Treat Yourself

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