Tips for Healthy Travel

Illness is not in anyone’s vacation plan. But traveling in good health requires some know-how and advance planning. Many folks know to check into immunizations at least four weeks before going abroad. In addition, these tips may help you stay well on your next trip:

  • When in doubt about the water, stick to bottled or canned beverages.
  • If the food is questionable, only eat meals that are freshly cooked. These meals should be served steaming hot. Also, don’t eat fresh fruits and vegetables unless you wash and peel them yourself.
  • If you regularly take any prescription or over-the-counter medications, pack more than you think you will need. Also, ask your health care provider to provide extra prescriptions in case you need refills. Luggage sometimes gets lost, so carry essential medications with you in your purse or carry-on bag.
  • Remember to bring extra prescriptions for your contacts or eyeglasses in case of damage. Or bring along a spare pair.
  • Sunscreen, insect repellent (with DEET), diarrhea medications, and water purification tablets all are good to have when traveling.
  • If you have a chronic medical condition, ask your health care provider to give you a medical information bracelet. 

One More Travel Tip
On the road to wellness, your primary care provider is a key companion. Together, you can chart a course for better health. Learn more here.

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