Caring for Your Mental Health During the COVID-19 Outbreak

If the outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has you anxious and stressed, you’re not alone. Many people are worried about how to keep themselves and their families safe. But you don’t have to let your fear consume you.

Caring for your mental health

Here are tips for keeping your mental health in check, even in times of crisis:

  • Practice safe habits. Do all you can to reduce your risk of getting COVID-19 by following the guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. To see their recommendations, go to and search for “coronavirus prevention.”
  • Take a news break. While it’s good to know what’s going on, watching news of the virus 24/7 can cause more stress. Choose a few trusted news sources and get updates just once or twice a day.
  • Connect with friends and family. Even if you can’t be there in person, keep in touch virtually or by phone. Talk about how you’re feeling and be honest about how you’re coping. Or, if you need a distraction from it all, ask them to talk about something totally unrelated to the outbreak.
  • Get some exercise. Tune in to online workouts or yoga classes. If possible, find time to get outside. 
  • Take your mind off the pandemic. Focus on something else, such as reading a book, cooking, or watching a movie or favorite TV show. Try to do some other hobbies or activities you enjoy.
  • Help someone else. Find ways to help others, such as bringing groceries to those who can’t go out or keeping in touch with those who are alone.
  • Take care of your body. Make sure to get enough sleep, eat healthy foods, and limit alcohol.

Information You Can Trust
Social media advice from well-meaning friends and family can be overwhelming; set your mind at ease by relying on the facts and updates from these reliable sources. Staying informed means staying safe.